IPM Codex in 2017

by Bryan Walker

Jan 18, 2017

Three Hill Path Incorporated is proud to present IPM Codex for 2017. We have worked hard to create a system to allow California School Districts easily comply with the Healthy Schools Act without significantly increasing administrative work. With IPM Codex, school districts can easily provide parents and guardians of students with comprehensive information about pest control and pesticide use.

HSA compliance

IPM Codex provides support for school districts on seven of the nine points of HSA compliance. Features include:

  • A premier tool for the IPM Coordinator to oversee pest management
  • Long-term recordkeeping of pesticide usage
  • Automated pesticide application warning signs
  • Automated notification of pesticide application to registered parents and staff
  • Tracking of all pesticides used by the school districts for annual notifications
  • Publicly available web version of IPM Plan
  • Online notification registration form for parents/guardians and staff
  • Oversight of state-mandated training for staff, volunteers, and contractors

Basic IPM Training

As of July 1, 2016, DPR approved IPM training has become a requirement for all employees, volunteers, and contractors that work for public schools or licensed childcare facilities who may use pesticides, including disinfectants and disinfectant wipes, in the course of their duties. While the training is not difficult to obtain, it is imperative that school districts track which of their personnel are trained and which are not.

School districts and licensed childcare facilities are exposed to fines of up to $5,000.00 per incident of untrained personnel reported for applying pesticides. Aside from the legal requirements of IPM training, a well informed and trained staff will help secure the safety of students and staff members that may be endangered by exposure to pesticides.

Coming in 2017

Three Hill Path is committed to bringing new features to IPM Codex. Now that we have a strong handle on HSA compliance, our next priority is bringing powerful IPM tools to school districts. In Quarter 1, modules to help with Monitoring and Inspections, Trap Management, and Nightly Pesticide Imports from DPR will be prioritized. We have already begun development on Trap Management, and we are working closely with our subscribed school districts to insure that the tools we provide are easy to use and effective in their purpose.

Thank You

To our partner school districts, we want to say “Thank You” for your efforts to work with Three Hill Path to make IPM Codex the best product it can be. We look forward to a productive 2017, and to continuing to provide you with an easy and effective means for HSA compliance.