IPM Codex Features

IPM Codex has many ways to help

The tools IPM Codex brings to school districts save time and money.

Powerful workflow monitoring

The built-in automation of IPM Codex requires that it have an intelligent understanding of the pest control workflow. By managing this workflow and recording important events in the pest control process, IPM Codex helps establish a strong history of good IPM practices and keeps a centralized repository of data for work being conducted in district facilities regardless of geographic or operational distance.

Automated Posting & Notifications

Notifying facilities and registered parties of pending pesticide applications necessarily involves a number of people across a variety of departments. By automating both posting creation and notification delivery, personnel and resources are freed up from document creation and distribution, as well as managing lists of registered subscribers and delivering notifications on a set schedule. Responsibility for these tasks can be centralized, and the automated operations are easily supervised by the IPM Coordinator.

Easy, accurate recordkeeping

By utilizing a durable cloud-based database and an easy-to-use interface, IPM Codex allows inexpensive and reliable long-term storage of all IPM historical records. In addition, flexible reporting allows data to be retrieved in any format needed. IPM Codex gives school districts the opportunity to keep accurate records as a simple by-product of using it as intended to maintain compliance with the Healthy Schools Act.